What is water-soluble lace?

Water-soluble lace belongs to a kind of embroidery lace, the reason why it is called water-soluble lace, because it uses water-soluble non-woven fabric as the backing, using viscose filament as embroidery thread, embroidered on the backing by computerized flat-pole embroidery machine, and then treated with hot water to dissolve the water-soluble non-woven backing, leaving only realistic three-dimensional embroidery lace, which is why it has this nice name water-soluble lace.

Material of water-soluble lace: water-soluble lace adopts nylon mesh, elastic spandex mesh, pull frame (swimsuit) cloth, and other materials as base cloth, water-soluble paper as backing, polyester, viscose, and other raw materials as top yarn, cotton yarn as back yarn, combining the ancient art of embroidery and modern developed technology of weaving and dyeing technology together to produce various kinds of water-soluble embroidered lace with rich patterns, which are widely used in ladies' clothing accessories.


Features of water-soluble lace: Machine embroidered lace has a wide range of patterns, exquisite and beautiful embroidery, uniform and neat, realistic image, rich in art and three-dimensional sense.

The difference between water-soluble lace and other laces: the biggest difference between water-soluble lace and ordinary lace is that it is not like ordinary plate making, it has to go through a process of "boiling" after it is finished on the machine, which is the process that makes the water-soluble lace different from ordinary plate making. The stitch processing is different from ordinary plate making.

The water-soluble plate does not require a lot of stitching, the most common use is the most common "flat needle" and "flat package needle", almost not used like "collapsed rice", "E" needle and so on. "E needle" and other stitches. In playing the water-soluble version of the "flat needle" is the importance of the unspeakable, a water-soluble version of the success or failure of most depends on the "flat needle" and the degree of proficiency in the use of.





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